Residential Projects

Residential Projects

As an Owner’s Rep in Residential Construction, The Beacon Projects Group manages all aspects of residential construction throughout the East Coast. From the earliest conception of your project through all phases of design, administration, and occupancy, we work to make sure that your residential project is completed on time and on budget.

While you are fully committed to the final outcome of your residential construction project, you are at a severe disadvantage without residential construction management. This is one reason that an owner’s rep for residential construction is invaluable. While it may appear simple, residential construction requires the expert coordination of a multitude of contractors, materials, and important decisions. This creates the necessity for a skilled owner’s representative who will work diligently to protect your interests. While providing residential construction management, we help to ensure that your space has the look and feel you’re looking to achieve.

Since large residential construction projects are often overwhelming, we provide the following residential construction management services:

  • Quality Control. As the eyes and ears of your project, we monitor quality control at every stage of your project. Our owner’s rep for residential construction makes sure that both your timeline and budget are maintained.
  • Dispute Resolution. A residential owner’s rep can provide resolution when a dispute or problem with a contractor arises. While continuously monitoring your construction project, we have first-hand knowledge of any disputes that occur and know how to properly respond.
  • Improved Budgeting. Many clients say that one of the biggest advantages of residential construction management is improved budgeting. As the owner’s rep, we monitor every event and change made during construction. Any changes made are immediately tracked, keeping your job on track and within your set budget.

At The Beacon Projects Group, we provide residential construction services that provide true benefits and savings for your job. Please contact us for additional information on the services that we provide as an owner’s rep for residential construction. We welcome any questions about how we can help you achieve your goals!

Private Residences

Owner’s Representative in Renovations of Private Residences

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owner's representative

Multi-Tenant Dwellings

New construction of 120,000 Square Foot Retail Shopping Center.

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