About Us

Our Story

The Beacon Projects Group was incorporated in the year 1994. We aim to provide oversight and coordination as a construction manager of a construction project from an owner’s perspective.

We outsource resource for commercial, industrial, residential, municipal, institutional and religious building projects in Connecticut, New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

You Can Rely On The Beacon Projects Group To

Meet your expectations

Manage your project in a careful, effective and responsive way.

Bring proven subcontractors and other construction professionals to the project.

construction management

Work With Precision​

Adhere strictly to schedule, budget and regulatory commitments.

Work closely and effectively with all consultants.

Protect your budget

Gather appropriate information to facilitate effective decision-making.

Communicate promptly and continually to eliminate any disagreements.

Our Expert Team

We Provide the Best Service in The Industry

Proven and Tested. Dependable.

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